Appeasing the cold weather blues

Every year around this time I get truly disappointed that summer is indeed over. And every year around this time, I have to make a couple online clothes purchases that make that fact a little more tolerable. Thanks to a gift card or two and some intrepid sales scouting, I have the below items currently en route to my mailbox.

I swear, if you know where my mailbox is and you come and swipe my clothes before I gleefully arrive home, I will hunt you down. I WILL CUT YOU.

Double breasted military sweater jacket, orange leather flats, grey lace-up oxford booties, cotton cashmere wrap sweater and black lace leggings.

Ok, that makes fall and winter a little more approachable. I’m already picturing all of my mix and match options.


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One Response to “Appeasing the cold weather blues”

  1. madamvonsassypants Says:

    I should note that all the above items combined cost about $100, with free shipping. I think I have visceral pains when I pay full price for items out of my own pocket.

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