Thoughts While Buying a Car

Shit, I really need a new car.
Can I even afford that?
I can’t afford not to.
Wow, this car is way better than my old one. Fuck yeah!
Omigod, am I really buying this car?
Do I even deserve a newer car?
Well, considering the other one overheats and leaves you stranded on the side of the road, yes, you do.
Aww, I’m sorry old car. You’ve taken me many awesome places and we’ve racked up a helluva lot of miles together.
This new car is so great.
But not AS great as I had thought.
God, the old car just looks like an old shoe compared to this sleek spaceship.
I hope to god I don’t crash this thing.
With my luck and this huge winter they’re predicting, I’ll fuck this up.
At least it’s reliable. And efficient.
Old car smells funny. Adapting to new car smell.
Why yes, I did get a new car! Want a ride?

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

I am now a Hybrid owner.


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