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May 11, 2009

I think it’s time that Photo of the Day became more of “Photo Every Other Day” or “Photo When I Feel Like It”. The original purpose of Photo of the Day was to give me a creative outlet while working at an absolutely uncreative temp job in an office. That job lasted only 7 weeks before I moved on to something much bigger and better, yet this blog format and my commitment to it remained.

It’s now 62 days into the project as well as my fifth week at the new gig. I’m creatively inspired and challenged almost consistently. Never mind it’s just really busy. Combine that with warming weather and the need to cram in all the outdoors time while I can (and thereby a strong distaste for sitting at a desk any longer than I have to) has made me look at the nightly photo upload more as a chore and less as something that I still truly love and enjoy. It’s at a point where I feel like only sharing photos I deem special or great, and less about the mad rush before bedtime, oh-shit-what-can-I-snap-a-picture-of-quick, fulfillment of a daily quota. It seems counter intuitive to any sort of creative process.

I will still take photos regularly, especially as I’ve grown into the habit of lugging my camera around everywhere with me. I’ll still post photos and hope to do so fairly often still. I’m unsure of the frequency. I still want to offer little colorful peeks into my daily life and living in the Gorge. I also want to go back into blogging the way I used to, when I’d rant about things, post weird videos and have less of a set structure. We’ll just have to feel this out and see what works.

I apologize if I’ve disappointed anyone, but I’m still here! Doing things! Breathing! Murdering vegetables! Stay tuned for the murky unknown…

Photo of the Day: Day Sixty-One

May 10, 2009


He really, really wanted snacks.

He really, really wanted snacks.

Photo of the Day: Day Sixty

May 9, 2009

Drinkin’ IPA on the wrong side of the tracks. 100% Sassypants.


Photo of the Day: Day Fifty-Nine

May 8, 2009

I really do need to thoroughly clean my windows.

The turquoise glass insulators were found on an abandoned farm near my dad’s property last year. I see them all the time in antique stores, but on a shelf they don’t quite have the same level of beauty as they do glinting, half buried in the ground.


Photo of the Day: Fifty-Eight

May 7, 2009

I told you my backyard was overgrown. Hopefully we will be taking care of that on this upcoming sunny and warm weekend.

When I got home from work I came out back to see the wisteria blooms before they started falling off. It ended up being a 15 minute playing in the tall grass and weeds photo session with my cats. You can just tell how excited they are when I come outside for the season and actually *play* where they hang out all the time. They even show off. Merlot was racing up trees, Fabrizio was stalking Merlot in the grass… I took a ridiculous number of photos of them and the nicely lit vegetation.

The chairs you see below are a couple I salvaged and for which I have yet to paint and make new seats. They’ve been artistic additions in the unruly yard for a few months now.


Photo of the Day: Fifty-Seven

May 6, 2009

First mojito of the season, courtesy of Romul’s and my cell phone camera.


Photo of the Day: Fifty-Six

May 5, 2009

It was just in recent days that with a heavy heart I came to the realization that I simply do not have the time or money for the vegetable garden I’ve been dreaming about since November. A year and a half ago I had removed (poorly, might I add) the scrabbly grass in my backyard and had planted a wayward, free-form veggie and herb garden. Things were going great until I was gone at a wedding for a week in late June, when the garden exploded and I never quite got caught back up with my weeding.

While it was rather unruly, it did produce some splendid tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, peas, beans, a plethora of lettuces and greens, squash, gourds, eggplants, strawberries, several mint varieties and one round pumpkin. There were failures in the brussels sprouts, corn, English cucumber, dill and garlic, but everything else handled pretty decently. My dreams for this year’s bounty grew with every page turned in seed catalogs.

But with the change of employment (and awkward financial standings after being unemployed for 5 weeks and then working for meager pay at a temp job for 7) and now spending 75% of my weekends in Portland with my hairier half, the garden simply isn’t plausible. Sadness.

In the meantime I’ll put what focus I can spare on my front yard, which is mostly ornamental flowers and shrubs, such as this allium in half bloom. I couldn’t wait until it was a full, spherical puff ball of purple before snapping this.


Now the dilemma remains: what to do with the backyard that is quickly turning into a lush forest of green grass (I told you I didn’t get rid of it all), weeds, and the few perennial plants when I simply don’t have time to maintain it? Advice, ideas…? HELP!

Photo of the Day: Day Fifty-Four

May 4, 2009

My mom and I scrubbing our red wine-stained teeth clean. Classy, refined, elegant ladies here.

Obviously one of our more attractive photos together.

Obviously one of our more attractive photos together.

Photo of the Day: Day Fifty-Three

May 4, 2009

Consecutive late nights this weekend prompted a slight delay in the daily photos going up. While they may not always be posted promptly, I’m still taking the pics.

The highlight of this past Saturday (Day 53) was Portland’s Red Dress Party. Every year the organization Red Dress PDX puts on a massive affair in support of gay youth, family, friends and neighbors living with HIV/AIDS, with the overarching theme of… red dresses. Everyone has to wear one, even the guys. Of course this brings out the most creative scarlet ensembles and a highly entertaining fete overall. It was a sold out party this weekend with 2000 people in attendance. Yeah, like I said, epic.

To add to its epicness, I was there with my red dress-clad boyfriend, father, brother, and a couple uncles, in addition to some ladies in red dresses. Absolutely hilarious.

I’ll refrain from posting those photos though. If you know me well enough, you’ll find the pics on my Facebook. Otherwise you get the red dress silhouette projected on the exterior wall of the extravaganza.


Photo of the Day: Day Fifty-Two

May 1, 2009

One of these things is not like the other…


In Portland at Sean's for his birthday.

In Portland at Sean's for his birthday.