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What not to wear…

September 15, 2009

The scene: Me driving to a friend’s soiree, in the dark, last night.

The ensemble: Pretty awesome little get up. Just needed a little bit of nude lip gloss.

The action: Reached into my purse, grabbed the lip gloss. Put it on as I drove, in the dark, without a mirror. Hey, it’s clear gloss. Can’t go wrong.

The delayed reaction: Two minutes later, felt my lips. They weren’t glossy. They were matte. Then remembered the deep, bright red lip stain I had in my purse.

The reality: My face looked like this:

That or Heath Ledgers Joker, your pick.

That or Heath Ledger's Joker, your pick.

The solution: Upon parking I rubbed off as much of the stubborn stuff as I could. My fingers looked like that dog’s paws. Still couldn’t get it all off. Covered up the remainder with nude lipstick.

The recovery: Instantly told the HILARIOUS story upon my arrival, thereby offering an instantaneous excuse for me hoorish face. Rocked hoorish face the rest of the night. Cringed upon looking in the mirror at home. Still had a good time.

Photo of the Day: Day Fifty-Three

May 4, 2009

Consecutive late nights this weekend prompted a slight delay in the daily photos going up. While they may not always be posted promptly, I’m still taking the pics.

The highlight of this past Saturday (Day 53) was Portland’s Red Dress Party. Every year the organization Red Dress PDX puts on a massive affair in support of gay youth, family, friends and neighbors living with HIV/AIDS, with the overarching theme of… red dresses. Everyone has to wear one, even the guys. Of course this brings out the most creative scarlet ensembles and a highly entertaining fete overall. It was a sold out party this weekend with 2000 people in attendance. Yeah, like I said, epic.

To add to its epicness, I was there with my red dress-clad boyfriend, father, brother, and a couple uncles, in addition to some ladies in red dresses. Absolutely hilarious.

I’ll refrain from posting those photos though. If you know me well enough, you’ll find the pics on my Facebook. Otherwise you get the red dress silhouette projected on the exterior wall of the extravaganza.