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On Chickens, Death and Dahlias

June 24, 2011

In relation to my last post, I finally bought plants from someone on Craigslist. Tubers for 5 different types of gorgeous dahlias for only $2 each.  I ordered 2 of each, and in a stunning moment of math skills, gave the woman only $10 in front of her adorable family in their lovely home as they were cooking dinner. I don’t think she noticed until after I left, and I only realized it an hour later. Ridden with guilt I emailed her the next day, apologizing profusely, she thanked me for my honesty and I mailed her the other $10.

Also, we sadly lost one of our chickens a couple weeks ago. Sean was home for a week on bereavement leave after his beloved grandfather passed away (obviously, a much, much sadder event than losing a chicken, and a whole other story that isn’t much of mine to tell), and had just battled a horrendous bout of traffic while running errands on the other side of the city. He came home, looked outside, and there was Rose, our friendliest and most social chicken who loved to be petted, tipped over on her back, feet in the air, dead. Considering he’s had to deal with only one pet death in his life, and he was already pretty emotionally stressed, he was very bummed.

I was bummed too, and even more so when I had to call our landlord, who had owned Rose for 2 years before we had her. She was pretty upset, but after I explained the situation (her cluck had been raspy a week or two leading up to her untimely demise, but her activity level was absolutely normal and peppy, and we did everything we could), she understood.

Then… Then!

She wanted me to pluck memorial feathers off of Rose. You know, the chicken that’s been dead in a bag for 24 hours.  I mean, I felt bad so of course I did it, and afterward I didn’t feel as bad for her loss anymore because THAT WAS VERY, VERY DIFFICULT. In retrospect, pliers would have been handy, but damn, 5 feathers was all I could muster, both physically and emotionally. Who plucks or skins a deceased pet? Props to generations of people who’ve plucked many a chicken for the sake of sustenance. Sweet chicken jesus.

Dream catcher

March 18, 2010

Just as I was drifting off to a two-pints-of-beer induced sleep last night, I had an idea for a patent that would, in my semi-conscious eyes, “turn the fashion world on its head.” What was this mind blowing concept, you may wonder?

Ear plugs with long, giant feathers coming out of them. Like, to be worn as an eye catching accessory. An alternative to earrings or headpieces. Earplugs. With feathers. Really.

I can remember thinking that even if I don’t make them myself, I should file for the patent and someday make money off of it. And then extending the concept to headphone ear buds.

In the dream, the fashionable feather ear plugs looked more like this:

feathers, fashion, ear, ear plug, couture

… And less like this:

Which, when you think about it, is really what it would look like. Never mind that no one would want to inhibit their hearing for the sake of sticking feathers in there, and that earrings work just fine, thank you very much.

We will kick your mystical ass if you steal our feathers for your lame ass idea.

Photo of the Day: Day Thirty

April 8, 2009

I almost went to bed without even taking a photo today. Shame shame. Between training my replacement at the temp job (2 days left!), spending a ridiculous amount of time on the phone this evening with my mortgage company, getting my car back from the body shop and a bunch of other mundane errands, plus working out and catching tonight’s episode of Lost, you can see I was a little preoccupied.

Fear not, I have a photo! It’s an arrangement of peacock feathers and poppies in my boudoir. The focus ended up a little funky here (and this was the best shot), but let’s face it, I’m sleepy and it’s not half bad. 😉

And how about a boisterous WOOT for Day Thirty, eh?


And how about that coordination with the blog's banner?