Hi blog! I have so many wonderful wedding and honeymoon posts in store for you. So many! And they’re soon to come! Instead, I bring you this brief chat excerpt between MY HUSBAND and I from today. Because I still have no words.


Me: So I just received a call from my grandfather…
Sean: Tell me more….
Me:  He called to ask me to design the invitations for his “celebration of life party” in the next 6 to 12 months, which he wants to have before he dies. NEWS TO ME. Also, he’s been watching some science shows, and apparently scientists are closer to discovering the 7th dimension, and he’s really looking forward to seeing those other dimensions.


I love grandpas. Sean is going to be an amazing kooky grandfather, I know that for certain.

Oops, just publicly mentioned that we have inclinations toward procreation.


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