Oh, so that’s wedding planning stress

I’d heard about it. Been warned about it. Read about it. “You’ll cry at some point,” they all said. “It’ll get to be too much, and you’ll freak out.” That’s for other girls, I thought. The fussy ones who insist everything must be the right shade of pink. Who have super elaborate inspiration boards and what rhinestones on everything. I figured good ol’ fashioned planning, spreadsheet maintenance, list making and overall preparedness would alleviate that. Plus, I’m pretty laid back and not much of a crier.

Ugh. So wrong.

I can now see the appeal of having your wedding in the off season versus in the summer. Usually there is less going on in your life, prices are lower, it’s a little more unique and you’re not competing with so many other events. But I’ve always been set on marrying in the heat of the summer, and thus our end-of-August wedding date was created. But man, this has become a lot.

Summers are already packed full of activities and fun. It’s my favorite season for a reason, and somehow I forgot that most of my weekends would quickly fill up with camping trips, barbeques, roadtrips, family visits, other people’s weddings, and the all-consuming gardening that I bog myself down with each year. That alone is plenty. This summer I’ll also have my 30th birthday, bridal shower, and bachelorette parties too. That’s kinda nuts.

Throw in a few several day long business trips, huge work projects in process that are due around wedding time, and beer event season, and the stress level notches up considerably.

Now add on the whole wedding planning gamut. This is why hiring a wedding planner would have been a great idea. There are so many loose ends you try to tie together that end up in this glorious giant bow on your wedding day. Confirming details with vendors and guests alike (What time are the cakes and pies being delivered? What are the servers wearing? What time do we receive the rentals? What about the vegans attending the wedding? Does everyone have a place to stay?), addressing dozens upon dozens of envelopes in a certain hand you insist you can only do yourself, remembering to order more envelope stickers, nailing down a time for Sean to find his suit, politely dealing with an inundation of input, suggestions, advice and comments from family and friends, realizing you also need a dress for the rehearsal, and the worst of all, staying within a very specific budget.

That’s why having two cats needing emergency trips (and overnight stays) to the vet ratcheted up that stress level even more so. Weighing your love for an animal versus their place in your life versus their quality of life versus how much money you can spend is awful. Simply awful.

So I’ve cried. A couple times. And I’ve gotten overwhelmed. More than a couple times. I might have spent 90 minutes mowing and raking our lawn yesterday, swearing to myself about how much I hate mowing and how much this sucks. I think I even kicked a few things. See? First world problems.

Everything will turn out great, I know that. I’m just looking forward to the planning being over, the party being here already and getting this whole marriage thing started. With or without some tears.


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