I’ve been asked multiple times since I started losing weight how many pounds or inches I’ve lost, or if I’ve taken before and “after” (still a ways to go on that after) photos and the like. Most of which I haven’t, mainly because I didn’t go into this as a diet or a simple way to lose weight or anything like that. I’ve said repeatedly that this is about whole body health, not just skinny jeans or my wedding day or anything comparatively trite like that. So while I’ve been reading and researching this way of living like crazy for months now, I’ve been bad at recording my progress.

However the other day I ended up looking through some photos from last summer and definitely noticed a difference. Everywhere. So I grabbed a couple and put them side by side with the (unfortunately very few) recent photos. Take a gander.

Size 14 versus size 10.

Even recording the pounds has been kind of nebulous. My current weight is the same as the last time I lost a significant chunk of weight, but I’m a whole size smaller than I was then. In fact my weight has been the same for about the past 2 months, but I’ve definitely lost inches. Muscles, baby, muscles! I can even see shadows of definition on my shoulders! And I definitely notice my biceps when I’m washing my hair. These guns keep getting in the way, and for once I’m not talking about my boobs.

One more pic, this time a grainy phone photo I sent to my sister showing off my Valentine’s Day ensemble.

Side note: I never noticed how filthy my mirror was until I took this photo.

I have been emptying drawers and clearing out my closet of clothes that definitely, not even with a belt, do not fit anymore. Some I’ve already donated, some I’ve held onto in a storage bin under the bed. Not in case I gain my weight back, because fuck that noise I am not, but a “break glass in case of pregnancy” occasion. I’ve held back on buying more clothes for the most part (beyond a couple pairs of desperately needed jeans) because I want to wait this out, get a little smaller, and then buy clothes that I know I’ll need for wedding-related events and our honeymoon.

Aaaaand I might have a small goal of wearing a bikini on the beach in Italy for the honeymoon. Because why the hell not?


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One Response to “Progress”

  1. Health Coach Meg Says:

    You look fantastic! Way to go!
    Good Luck with your weight loss endeavors. Take a look at my blog for tips and tricks to help you through 🙂 -Meg

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