Tabs on Tabs

Tabs Currently Open on My Multiple Web Browser Windows

  • 6 tabs related to work (our website, the back end of our website, sites for events we’re sponsoring, beer reviews)
  • 4 tabs related to honeymoon location research (2 for the hotel we’re considering, 2 on the bounty of rad outdoor activities in that area of Sardinia)
  • 2 tabs for social media (Facebook and Twitter, obvs. Accounts regularly switching between my own, my work’s, and the company for which I freelance)
  • 2 tabs for email (Hotmail [since ’95, yo] and Gmail)
  • 1 tab on container gardening
  • 1 tab for my dear, sweet Google Calendar
  • 2 tabs for taking a survey that in turn will generate airmiles for aforementioned honeymoon
  • 1 tab for my freelance company’s website
  • 1 tab for directions to the beach house in Long Beach, Washington that we’re going to this weekend
  • And surprisingly, NOT a tab for Google Reader. Because I’m trying to be productive.

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