I’ve long been against cliche New Year’s resolutions. One, because I’m soooo anti-establishment. Two, because I’m lazy. Three, because goal-setting seemed too new age, self-help for my liking. My goals were usually school related, or as something as broad as “don’t suck.” It worked for the most part, and I never finished the year disappointed at my lack of follow through.

As I’ve gotten older though, it’s starting to make a little more sense. Now that I’ve graduated school (um, almost 7 years ago now) and have had time to establish myself as an actual, real adult, there’s a broad span of decades before me left to chart out. I’ve got a great job, a career path in mind, a rad life partner to whom I’m almost 8 months away from swearing my life, a health and fitness regime that’s working well, and a pretty ideal life in the city, chickens, cats and all. So what’s left? Where do I fine tune the details? I guess this is where my resolutions take shape.

    • Keep track of what I cook.
      Not for the sake of monitoring carbs/calories/nutrients/whatever, but because I often forget the delicious meals I’ve made in the past and end up making them only once. Interesting food combinations, meals we say would be great to serve our parents or at a dinner party, ones I want to fine tune later when a different ingredient is in season… I think some kind of journaling is required here.


    • January challenge: no cheats on eating paleo.
      No sugar in anything (nor any sweetener type products like agave syrup), no booze (first time I’ve made a point to not drink for an entire month), no dairy, no “just a bite” cheats, no dark chocolate squares, nothin’. I’m making penance for my holiday-induced sins and gluttony and want to start fresh.


    • Take time to read more.
      I listen to audiobooks every day on my 2-hour commute, so it’s not like I’m not consuming  literature. In fact I’m just about to finish the fifth mega book in the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire series. But I have a decent stack of books on our coffee table that I’ve only partially read, and I’m pretty sure they give me the evil side-eye every time I walk past to go work out or veg with a Hulu show or movie on Netflix.


    • Carve out time each week for wedding planning.
      It’s less than 8 months away and I have some big things to accomplish, the most pressing of which is beginning AND completing the search for the all-important dress. Then there’s  caterers, a florist, rentals, Sean’s suit, the wedding party’s gear… it’s a lot of stuff that I’ve been vague about thus far because the wedding seemed so far away. Time to git crackin’.


    • Continue having Active Sundays with Sean.
      Almost every week for the past couple months we’ve made a point to do something active together on Sundays. Oftentimes they’re different than our usual workouts. Hikes, trying new fitness classes, exploring a neighborhood, random circuits in the nearby park… It’s a fun way to not be complete slugs on an appealingly lazy day, and doing so together.


    • Be better about doing the dishes.
      I love to cook, but I hate doing dishes. Compounded by our lack of dishwasher in this house (something we didn’t realize until the day we moved in), our busy schedules, and our small kitchen, and it’s easy for the room and us to be overwhelmed with the work to be done. We’ve been on top of it lately and it’s felt great. I’d love to continue that.


    • Foster better relationships with people and strive to have more intimate events.
      Our groups of friends often end up only getting together in large groups via massive event invitations on Facebook. We say hi, comment on the costume we’re usually wearing (we’re a group that enjoys a good costume party), have a few moments to chat, and then we’re all drunk and the photos posted online contain more memories than what I can actually recall. Lately I’ve been trying to have smaller gatherings with more meaningful conversation or activities (even some without booze), and they have been great.


    • Maintain a creative outlet.
      Namely with graphic design, as my job doesn’t require too much out of the ordinary and I need to keep myself sharp and sane.


    • Maintain freelancing gigs.
      Right now I have a steady social media freelancing job, and I want to continue that as well as create new opportunities. Plus that extra money is going directly into wedding savings.


    • Plan our honeymoon.
      We’re looking at heading to Rome for a couple days before flying to the Italian island of Sardinia for a week or so for our honeymoon. I’ve done a lot of initial research (and I’ve been to Rome before), but final arrangements need to be made. In light of that, also…


    • Take a refresher course in Italian.
      At one point in my life I was near fluent, but that was 8 years ago and only the basic sentences remain. I need to go back through my books and utilize Rosetta Stone.



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2 Responses to “Resolutions”

  1. allimonster Says:

    Awesome resolutions! I have a post in the works about resolutions and such, but as you’ll see by my blog, things have been a little quiet ’round those parts in the last few weeks.

    (OHAI this is Allison, by the way.)

  2. Mid-Year Resolutions Update: Audiobooks « Madam von Sassypants Says:

    […] actually faring pretty well on my New Year’s resolutions this year. One I wanted to focus on here was the resolution to “Take time to read […]

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