Summer Fun in the Northwest

While the east coast has had to endure record setting heat waves, earthquakes, floods and now hurricane season, the biggest complaint we’ve had on the west coast this summer has been that our summer hasn’t been hot enough. I’m not saying I wasn’t one of those (and still am), but in comparison to other regions of the nation, we’re getting off easy. All we have the The Big One lurking over our shoulder, and man, I ain’t giving that dude a second thought.

Despite the feeling that we’ve been gipped months and months of hot, sunny weather, I’ve somehow managed to cram in a lot of diverse, sunny fun in the past few weeks.


I brewed beer for the first time with other beer loving ladies…

That's me, gloved up, straining the malt grains for our LOLA Hibiscus IPA


We drove into the middle of nowhere for the fantastic, intimate and scenic Schoolhouse Rock festival.

View as we were leaving, the historic schoolhouse on the left, Mt. Hood in the background.


I gave Diego a mullet.

This is me trying to not let his hair blow into my mouth. Diego, waking and sobering up the next morning: "I have a MULLET??!! A guy that looks like me should not have a MULLET!!"


We hosted our first barbeque at the new place for the 4th of July.

Not included in this photo: bocce ball tournaments, Osama Bin Laden fireworks, barbecue grill


We got two new chickens and were completely surprised with a beauty of a chicken coop from my dad’s girlfriend Bobbie.

Nora, the scatterbrained Polish crested hen, and Nimbly, the bullyer who loves to be held Araucana

Adorable primary colors!


I made a men’s size 3XL white t-shirt into a disposable dress at a friend’s “Dirty Thirty” birthday party. The messy foods brought by the horde expectedly evolved into a big ol’ food fight.

And that's defintiely a can of OG Four Loko.


We got engaged.


Sean and I walked with in the Oregon Brewers Festival Parade together for the first time, followed up by a drunk day at the fest. For me with was a day of work (rough, eh?), for him it was a vacation day taken to drink beer and sleep under trees along Portland’s waterfront park.

Another day in the office.



We brought our families together for an awesome evening of dinner at drinks at our wedding venue. (pssst: now 364 days away)

View to the east from the gorgeous grounds where we're gittin' hitched.


Strippers did a really shitty job washing my car.

At least it benefited the Humane Society. And it was strippers washing my car.


I embarked upon my first mountain backpacking trip with my dad and stepsister up the 10,040′ Middle Sister mountain.

We took over 300 photos over the 3 days of this trip. It was *that* scenic and fun.

The crew at base camp before we schlepped back on our heavy packs and headed downhill.


I attended my first kickboxing fights.

Sean's teammate on the left, in the Impact JJ trunks, handily won that fight.


We also had our engagement party at Sean’s folks’ lovely home, attended many BBQs and gave up (read: never started) watering our lawn. I also got way into hot yoga, started eating a mostly paleo diet (minus the occasional beer, because dammit it’s my job) and am down some lbs in an attempt to lose 30 before I turn 30 next summer (which coincides nicely with getting married).

What’s next? Well today I won two tickets for tonight’s Decemberists, Okkervil River and AgesandAges show at McMenamin’s Edgefield, so that was a spur of the moment awesomeness. The weather is brilliant for an outdoor concert, too. Tomorrow we’re screening the UFC fights on a projector screen in our backyard while barbecuing with a group of friends. Next weekend we’re heading up to Seattle for the Bumbershoot music and arts festival. My annual frolicking in the hops fields for work is coming up, as is a family and friend sojourn up Mt. Hood for a weekend in the historic Cloud Cap cabin.

In other words, despite few days in the 90s or higher, I don’t think I have much to gripe about.


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