Summer Vacation Rainy Days

While the northwest has had neither the sunniest nor the warmest spring and summer, this weekend’s bout of rainy weather reminds me of a slightly welcome rainy day midst a hot summer vacation.

For a few summers when I was younger we used to spend two week stretches on a family cabin on an island off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Multiple groups of family and friends would converge upon the rustic abode and we’d have giant cookouts, excursions along the nearby beaches, clam digging, oyster gathering, fishing and snorkling off of my uncle’s boat… it was wonderful. Us kids would spend all day outside making up games, establishing forts, hot gluing googly eyes on shells, sleeping in the giant canvas teepee our grandfather built. By the end of the vacation our skin would be brown and hair bleached near white from the sun. I’ve never had naturally lighter hair than I did then.

When the occasional rainy day would strike, we’d pile into the living room, sort through the boxes of VHS tapes and go through major movie marathons. No chores, no bills, no obligations, no guilt about a lack of productivity, no worries. It was so simple but seems absolutely blissful in retrospect.

With today’s dreary weather and no social commitments, I’m trying to reconnect with that simplicity. No guilt about not working out. Old school grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. No thinking about the work week or bills. Movies, blankets, reading (okay, wedding planning), occasionally donning a raincoat and hanging out with our two new chickens outside.

It’s just great.


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