Craigslist Plant Nurseries

Inevitably at the beginning and end of the work week I find myself compulsively opening a browser tab to Craigslist to scour ads for free or relatively cheap plants. Why? I don’t know, but in college my roommate Gina and I had to regularly restrain ourselves from buying a plethora of plants for our apartment. It’s a persistent condition, apparently.

The variance in commercial plant pricing combined with my aforementioned thriftiness and love for CL sends me to its pages looking for a deal. The Free and Farm+Garden sections have always been recently clicked. The latter of which inevitably leads me down paths where I ponder things like, “What IF we had more chickens? The city permit is only $33…” to “Baby Bunnies for $3!?! Look how cute they are! I could get a bunny! It could live with the chickens! Wait… I don’t really like bunnies. Hm…” or “Goats! Look at the goats! It could live with the chickens and eat all our weeds! Ohhh… I think they poop a lot.” Now that Sean knows that these thoughts run through my head, he’s going to live in constant fear that he’ll come home to more pooping butts around our urban homestead. Plants are much easier to justify.

My Free/Cheap Craigslist Plant Requirements are as follows:

  • Must be somewhat near where I live or commute. I’ve seen some awesome deals on free plants (that I actually want) from the other side of town. While I would love to take advantage of them, I know full well that after driving 2 hours a day, battling city traffic for a few plants is not worth it.
  • Must be better pricing than I’ve seen in local nurseries or stores. It’s not worth the effort if it ain’t a deal.
  • Must not be a giant “U dig” shrub. A free rhododendron bush? Oh, but it’s 6 feet tall and wide and requires back breaking labor, a pickup truck and an awkward amount of time spent in a stranger’s yard. I’m not that desperate.

Confession: despite my list of requirements, I still have not taken advantage of a single plant from Craigslist. I’ve written out several post-its worth of plant lists and the contact information of strangers and have yet to follow through with a single one.

What Keeps Me From Yet Buying Plants from People on Craigslist:

  • Laziness.
  • Lack of cash on hand.
  • Lack of wanting to write a check with my home address on it for $5 worth of plants.
  • Timing. Can I pick it up on my way home from work? Will the plants still be available on the weekend? What if I drive all the way there only to find the plants are gone?
  • What if these people are weirdos?

That all being said, if you have plants you’d like to rid yourself of, and you might fit the above requirements, let me know. PLEASE.


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