A Goodbye Present

The day had finally come. After four months of staggered attempts to sell my car, after four months of it parked on the curb in front of my house, slowly leaking antifreeze, after four months of intelligible emails, awkward phone calls, endless viewing appointments cancelled at the last minute (“I went and bought a Kia.” “We ended up getting our son a Subaru.”)… I FINALLY SOLD MY CAR.

As the buyer was getting ready to drive it home I looked around one last time for anything that was mine. Opened the trunk, took out a couple things, and lifted the panel to show her the spare tire, when there it was… the chunky gold chain necklace I had lost in the depths of the giant trunk 3 years ago and hadn’t been able to find since. Just sitting there on top of the spare like it’d been there this whole time. My favorite necklace.

I like to think it was a parting gift from the car to me. Cheers to you, darlin’. Good luck and godspeed.

I should also like to note that I’m typing this from my phone, in bed wedged between my softly snoring boyfriend and a purring cat while it’s pouring rain outside. I love technology.


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