Double You Tee Eff

How random was my evening?

I rushed home from work to sell my car, which was dead.

Spent an hour hanging out in the wind and the rain with a very patient woman who wants to buy my car, waiting for my dad to get jumper cables (the first pair were shitty and corroded, the second new pair functioning just fine).

Driving said car to the gas station to have the tires filled, where I inexplicably lied to avoid having to do it myself, instead crafting a story with the gas attendant about housesitting for an elderly couple who hadn’t driven their car in forever.

Then spending 2 1/2 hours over at my Baha’i, out of work pediatrician neighbor’s house, with whom I’ve only had fleeting across-the-street conversation, drinking gin and frescas, talking about the medical industry, politics, moving and life while she did yoga stretches and eating corned beef.

All before coming home to Skype my boyfriend.

That’s a hearty WTF if I’ve ever heard one.


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