Everyone’s favorite chore: Moving!

As I’ve started the long and lengthy process of packing up my house, it amazes me how much crap I’ve filled it with in the 5 1/2 years I’ve lived there, and how much of it I haven’t touched in almost the same length of time. Living there on my own for the larger portion of my 20s has allowed my accumulation of things and subsequent lack of organizing these things go on for far too long.

Things found, categorized as surprising, “I forgot I had that!” or annoying:

  • 2 partial boxes of sander sandpaper inserts, 1 caulking gun, caulk and dropcloths from initial renovations (surprising)
  • My college acceptance letter and notebooks from my favorite courses (surprisingly elaborate, in retrospect) (I forgot I had that)
  • A giant plastic bin full of CDs and CD cases I rarely use anymore (annoying). I spent an hour last night sorting through those and reduced it down to one beer box.
  • A giant, 6″ thick stack of red foil sheets, obtained from a previous job, kept for potential future craft projects (I forgot I had that/annoying)
  • Mix CDs from various dudes I’ve dated (surprising)
  • Mix CDs I made ages ago, the track lists of which make me recoil in horror (annoying)
  • A ziplock bag full of foreign coins (surprising)
  • 3 almost identical containers of black acrylic paint, bought at very different times and all haphazardly thrown in the highly unorganized arts + crafts box (surprising)
  • Old costume jewelry of my great grandmother’s (I forgot I had that)
  • Various letters and photos tucked in between the books on my bookshelf (I forgot I had that)
  • A box of old floppy discs… with no appropriate disc drive (annoying)

floppy disc porn funny old school

Despite my initial horror at the concept of finally going through the contents of my relatively untouched closets, it’s been a fun experience, rediscovering a lot of these things. Sean helped me with it last weekend and got the biggest kick out of the leather day planner I kept for all 4 1/2 years of college. He’d flip through and find my doodles, to do lists, scores on tests, schedules for dances and dates… I was going to throw it out but he insisted I should keep it.

Moving day is exactly THREE WEEKS from today, and I’ve only really started packing the upstairs of the house, so I’m sure many more surprises and annoyances await.



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