Fanny pack o’ pennies

Shit yeah!

Around the age of 11 I had a purple and lime green satin covered fanny pack. Back then they were still an acceptable means of stowing your personal items, and at that age those mainly consisted of loose change and gum wrappers. The gum wrappers would go in the smaller outer pocket, the change in the large main pocket.

Considering I’m only really spending money on gum (oh the days!), that collection of loose change would grow and grow. It basically became a dirty penny sack strapped around my waist, and it jingled with every step. The pocket that held the change became filthy and was my first official introduction to how gross pennies really are, what with their dirty penny smell. I soon dreaded having to stick my hand in there.

After a while the thing was so heavy and dirty and gross that I stopped wearing it. Which was a blessing, considering the fanny pack was then officially passe.

Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of a pound of pennies in a purple pack near my prepubescent punany. See what I did there? Alliteration, kids. Alliteration.


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