Business Correspondence

I’d like to take a moment and highlight the barrage of ridiculous emails I’ve received in the past 30 hours in response to the Craigslist ad I posted for my ’04 Dodge Stratus. Since I’ve been dealing with a lot of rental inquiry emails lately, I’ve become accustomed to fairly well phrased and thought out emails, that at the very least use complete sentences and basic punctuation. Not so for car ad response emails! Marvel below…


“I am interested in your2004 dodge stratus names bubba 5xx xxx xxxx”

“Hi im interested in ur car please txt me or call me 3xxxxxxxxx”

“is the car still for sale call me at 5xxxxxxxxx . thanks, soon as poss. please..”

“Can u give me ur # n ill call u tmrw to set a time I can go look at it!!or u can give me a really interested.”

“can you please give me a car i am in portland and I am in need of a car as mine just tock a dump on me lol my number is 7xx-xxx-xxxx”


Why do I have to call (or text??!) them? What the heck is wrong with email? What the heck is wrong with saying, “I’d like to set up an appointment to see the car,” or “I have a few questions about the car”? And I’ve had so many ask if it’s “still for sale,” like I’ve had the chance in the hours between midnight at 8am since I posted the ad to sell the car.

Of course, a lot of this can be attributed to the fact I’m selling a fairly new-ish car for only $2300 (even if it does have 133,000 miles on it). And as Sean is quick to point out, it doesn’t matter if they can write a coherent email as long as they give me money and take that car out of my life once and for all. Which is true.

But I weep for the future of the generation that has been texting since infancy.


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