Stats Catching Dreams

I am constantly flabbergasted by how many people come to my blog after doing Google searches for dreamcatchers. I wish the stats could tell me how many of those searches were done ironically. If it’s not “dreamcatcher” it’s “dreamcatcher wolf” which has to be 87% ironic. Beacuse… really?

I should note here though that I have a modest collection of nerdy animal shirts. One muscle tee with FIVE (damn!) howling wolves, one with rad fuckin’ cobras, and one (that’s a little too big to be worn in public so it serves as part of my ironic pajama collection… Snuggie pending) with a big ol’ mountain lion on it.

wolf tee

On the left, the night Sean and I met in 2008, cobra shirt in action. On the right, us camping. He later tore off the sleeves to his tee to make it more "authentic".

I should also note my sister and I have somewhat inexplicably started the trend of gifting each other coffee mugs with wolves on them. They become instant favorites, and she about flipped her shit with happiness when I gave her a late Christmas present of a ceramic travel mug featuring three howling wolves on it. I bought it at a truck stop, naturally.



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One Response to “Stats Catching Dreams”

  1. wishful nals Says:

    the wolf coffee mugs, too cute! i love silly traditions. (not that it’s silly)

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