Vietnam’s Mammoth Cavern

Is was mere moments away from sharing this link on my Facebook, as I often do with finds such as this, but then realized the rather extensive peanut gallery that is my friends’ list would jump upon the opportunity to make “mammoth cavern” jokes pointed in my direction.

Scathing innuendo aside, this collection of photos from National Geographic is incredible. Click any of them for a link to the full gallery. I need to go exploring again.

Vietnam's Mammoth Cavern

"A giant cave column swagged in flowstone towers over explorers swimming through the depths of Hang Ken, one of 20 new caves discovered last year in Vietnam."

"Rare cave pearls fill dried-out terrace pools near the Garden of Edam in Hang Son Doong. This unusually large collection of stone spheres formed drip by drip over the centuries as calcite crystals left behind by water layered themselves around grains of sand, enlarging over time."

"Like a petrified waterfall, a cascade of fluted limestone, greened by algae, stops awestruck cavers in their tracks. They're near the exit of Hang En."

Thanks Dad for emailing this link over!


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One Response to “Vietnam’s Mammoth Cavern”

  1. varudhini Says:

    whoo thats a really good cave . i wanna be a scicetist toooooooooo

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