Brief, holiday themed rant

1. Jesus is not the reason for the season. Pagans celebrating the winter solstice and the early Christians’ desire to take over the pagan holiday are the reasons for the season. Jesus was most likely born in the spring.

2. Xmas does not take the Christ out of Christmas, as ‘X’ has been an abbreviation for Christ for centuries. I think emphasizing the selfless giving and loving spirit of the holiday during one of the darkest periods of the year should be the emphasis rather than splitting hairs over abbreviations and the so-called reason for the season.

3. “Happy Holidays” is the most all-encompassing, friendly holiday gesture you can find. Why? Because there are other beliefs and holidays observed, and you’re being respectful to them. Plus, technically Christmas + New Year’s = holidays plural, so you’re wishing the person a happy holiday season, not alienating anyone on purpose.

4. I have the phrase “Happy Xmas” on my holiday card this year and expect one or two raised eyebrows over it. This is my preemptive explanation, as they went out in the mail over the weekend.

I’m fairly certain this rant is available in many expanded formats scattered across the webs, but it had to be said in point form here. That being said…


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