The Five Year Life Change

Since I started high school, every five years I undergo some (semi) drastic change. High school for five years (it was Canada, where you’re in HS from grades 8-12), then college for five years (studying abroad + meandering through my studies = one extra year), then I almost immediately bought my home in The Dalles, where I’ve been living for the past five years content as can be alongside my sometimes thriving garden and my three fat and happy cats. So what’s next?

Portland, my friends. Finally, Portland.

The manfriend and I will be finally sharing one roof next spring. Sooo… it’s more like five and a half years, but dammit, for consistency it counts. But for us the 90 miles of distance and the weekend thing is getting old, so we’re crazy enough to be around each other for more than a couple days. Plus? He’s never lived with cats. WELCOME TO HAIR EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME, SEAN.

Well, you know, more than you have already.

Anyway, that means I’m undergoing several months of full on grown up shit. Potentially refinancing the house. Some double paned, energy efficient windows would be really nice, seeing as this 92 year old place and all of its quirky, cracked, single paned windows are drafty as hell in the winter. I’m also buying a hybrid car, partially because my current vehicle is on its last leg, partially because the fuel economy is AWESOME. Plus I hear that in Portland they throw Tofurky at you if you drive anything that gets less than 28mpg. Or something. Prepping this little place to become a rental is big on the list too. And finding a renter. And not being a complete douchebag of a landlord. And somehow finding the money for all of this…

So I’ve been mired in paperwork and research and quotes and investment strategies, which five years ago would have probably rendered me due for a bender. Ten years ago I probably would have crapped my pants. Fifteen years ago I would have no idea what half of those words or concepts meant.

Aww shucks, y’all. I’m growing up.


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One Response to “The Five Year Life Change”

  1. Sara Says:

    Aww this is exciting, Steph!! Congrats!!!

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