Noah’s Creepy Ark

List of living/kinda living/killed by cats things I’ve found in my house that are not welcome there:

  1. One Black Widow (I’ll bring back this story later)
  2. Three House Centipedes
  3. One Quail
  4. One Bat (dead, on bed)
  5. Three Raccoons
  6. One Neighbor’s Cat
  7. One Stray Cat
  8. One Lizard (dead, inside couch)
  9. Seven Birds (dead)
  10. One Bird (living)

See below for my most recent discovery.


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2 Responses to “Noah’s Creepy Ark”

  1. Sara Says:

    WTF?! Your cats killed OTHER CATS?! Cat on cat violence?!

  2. madamvonsassypants Says:

    Oh no no no… that’s just a list of unexpected critters I’ve had in my house. The stray cat and one of my cats did get into a fight below my feet at my desk though, before I shooed it outside.

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