Commuting through a National Scenic Area

As I’ve mentioned many times previously, I see a lot of interesting things on my 20 mile commute through the Gorge. From the beautiful and awe-inspiring (bald eagles and osprey swooping overhead with fish in their talons, the sun settling just so on the curves of the hills and basalt cliffs) to the gross and awe-inspiring (bottles of trucker pee, freight trains covered in graffiti, tons of roadkill).

This time of year random produce seems to grow out of the concrete barriers. Stray ears of corn, onions, watermelons and cherries all get blown out of open truck trailers and washed ashore on the sides of the road. I swear, if I was a vagrant hobo (are there any other kinds?), I would love this time of year. Free fresh food with only a little bit of tar and glass!

Aw shit, I forgot my penknife.

Roadside trash worthy of the happiest hobo that I’ve also seen lately: 2 pillows, a complete pair of flip flops (although they’re not conducive for wanderin’), a nice looking water bottle (not filled with pee), a towel, and several structure worthy cardboard boxes.

Horrible things along the road I’ve seen lately: a giant, horrid stream of liquid feces (!!!!!) on a road in The Dalles, clearly leaked by an RV or porta-potty, a squirrel feasting on roadkill, and a dead black kitty. 😦

Note: I still live in fear that every box I see on the side of the highway has an abandoned litter of kittens inside of it.


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