The Mystery Pitch

For my job I have vendors who call me all the time, soliciting us for their business. Since I handle a lot of the merchandise and point of sale items, this means I get pitched a plethora of kitschy crap from China, or hideous ideas with a random beer theme thrown in. Or the standard “We can put your logo on ANYTHING!” pitch. What really drives me crazy though are the mystery voice mails, such as one I received today.

“Hi, Stephanie! I’ve come across this really revolutionary product that I think suits your brand perfectly. I really do. Give me a call and we’ll talk about it.”

Ok, NO.

One, I’m blogging busy.

Two, I’m not going to take the time to follow up on a mystery promotional item that, much more likely than not, does not suit our brand.

Three, freaking EMAIL me your pitch. If it was an introductory call, I keep the conversation brief and tell them to email me their company’s information, whereupon I can peruse it completely at my leisure, when I’m not in the middle of ten other things. But if we’ve emailed and communicated in the past (like I have with this salesperson), SEND ME YOUR PITCH. With VISUALS. And TEXT. Explaining something that’s “revolutionary” over the phone will never do it justice. If, after reading your email, I am intrigued enough I will call YOU to go over potentials.

There, done ranting.


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One Response to “The Mystery Pitch”

  1. Jeff Says:

    it drives me bonkers when PR people send emails saying Super Company is releasing Awesome Product, model “great42” that does all these wonderful things blah blah blah. Can I send you more info and images about “great42”?

    No you can’t because I just Googled it myself. Just send me the pitch with images and full information. Don’t send me a pitch about the pitch. One email. Preferably with a link to the product in it. A picture is worth 1000 words so send a picture- the first time. /rant

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