Dream Catcher

Two nights ago I actually dreamt something of use (you know, rather than couture feathered ear plugs). What was it?
Tuesday Night Hikes.

It stemmed from two things. One: I went on a good sized, but steep, hike on Monday and was disappointed by how much I struggled at the end. Due to my knees I’ve cut down on my endurance cardio workouts and have focused more on intervals and circuits, which is great, except for situations that call for endurance cardio.

Two: In the warm season our group here in the Gorge has two weekday staples: Mondays in Mosier and White Salmon Wednesdays. Both involve small to large groups of people convening at someone’s house, where we BBQ, eat and drink plenty. Awesome times indeed, but not great for the waistline and another activity (of many) that’s more or less centered around booze. I’d like a social, non-drinking activity every now and then.

Since we have an abundance of outdoor opportunities out here, and the summer months offer hours of after-work sunlight to capitalize upon, Tuseday Night Hikes seems like a marvelous plan. Way to go, subconscious Sassypants!

Alternatively, last night’s dream was pure gibberish. It involved me being close friends with Lady Gaga, only she was upset that I was blabbing to anyone that would listen about our friendship. Then I meant to hop a ferry to leave the island of Manhattan, but instead got on a cruise ship (?) and was sternly lectured by the crew, who saw me as a stowaway. Suddenly I was on Capitol Hill trying to update my Facebook status (there was even an internal debate as to which spelling of capital/capitol I was to use), and I could see a weird version of the New York skyline from beside the Corinthian columns.

Like I said, gibberish. But the hike idea– I like.

"You are honing your dreamcatching skills, I see," says the wise one. "Lady Gaga is a fierce bitch."


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