Debating with Graffiti

Where: On a car of a westbound freight train outside of Hood River, Oregon.

Graffiti: “Fuck da haters” in black spray paint. Fairly legible calligraphy.

Retort: In some regard, I can see true merit in disregarding disparaging comments from your detractors. By doing so you can focus more on what you want out of life without letting them and their negative opinions bring you down.

However quite often their “hating” is for just cause. Are you standing by your babydaddy even though he’s locked up in the pen for hitting you and running from the po po when they caught him brewing up some sweet ass meth? Okay, their thoughts on your relationship are completely valid and should be taken into serious consideration.

This graffiti could also be taken much more literally as a suggestion to fornicate with said detractors. If these people are intent on their hating, and they are multiple persons (as indicated by the pluralized “haters”), I highly recommend using several methods of protection from both disease and pregnancy. Nobody wants a hating AIDS baby.


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