Points of view

The differences between Sean and I when watching this past weekend’s UFC 110 fights.

Sean: Pass the guard! Pass the guard! Ohh!! Reverse omoplata!!!

Steph: There’s a USAToday.com logo on the mat. Why would they advertise in an event taking place in Australia? Are they trying to become an international source for American news? I guess that makes sense because of their name, and chances are Australians have no idea how shitty USA Today is…

Sean: Kimura to armbar! Oh shit, he’s pulling guard with a guillotine! Oh! He got out! I’m seriously getting a jiu jitsu boner right now. You know, on the inside. And now it’s-

Steph: Wait. Pause. Look how many times that shirt has the Tapout logo on it. In different sizes! Is that really necessary?

Sean: *raises hands in triumph* Did you hear that? *rewinds George Sotiropoulos’s breathless speech after his win, in which he thanks the guys at Impact, Sean’s gym* YEAHHH!!!

Steph: Dude’s shirt looks like someone puked on it.


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