Avatar and Papyrus

Yes, I’m going to go on a Papyrus rant again. This time because one of the biggest, mostly widely anticipated blockbusters to hit the big screen is frought with my most-loathed font.

James Cameron’s Avatar is a stunning piece of visual art to an almost overstimulated degree. The lengths they went to in creating the world of Pandora and simulating every tiny detail and movement of musculature on the characters is mind boggling. Sure, the story is a little predictable, but the overall (relative) mastery of computer animation and creativity is absolutely phenomenal.

So the cherry on top? The logo is a modified Papyrus, and all the movie’s subtitles are a hideously yellow, drop-shadowed Papyrus, served straight up. We’re talking Microsoft default, plain ol’ 1982 muhfuggin’ Papyrus. The font best served at a convention about the healing powers of crystals or a bible study just shat all over this beautiful foray into movie making.

I will still wholeheartedly recommend the movie to anyone. But I will always add the Papyrus caveat. “It’s amazing, buuuuut…”


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2 Responses to “Avatar and Papyrus”

  1. Graphic design student Says:

    I noticed this, too! I was sitting there watching the movie, amazed at the gorgeous animation and all the work that went into it. But, when those yellow dropshadowed subtitles appeared, I was thinking “NO WAY. They spent 300 million on this movie, and didn’t want to hire a designer to create their own letterforms? For shame!”

    I wouldn’t say that Papyrus ruined the movie for me, but I’ll agree that it does need to be mentioned, at the very least.

  2. daftks Says:

    I think Graphic design student took the words right from my mouth!!!

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