I should be a full time digital person– then they’d love me!

If there is anything that drives me insane, it’s people that are addicted to their phones. Now, before I rant any further I should state that I have my phone with me at almost all times. If I get a call or a text message ding and there’s nothing necessitating my full attention at that moment, I’ll pick it up and take a look. If I’m having an in depth conversation, am working, or driving in certain situations I’ll turn it silent or ignore it. I’ll leave it out if I’m expecting to hear from someone. That’s about it. Some might even consider that excessive but I feel it’s practical.

But in the age of iPhones and Blackberries and all that understandably addictive communication technology, I find more and more people are willing to sacrifice personal interaction for the sake of virtual interaction. Some try to be polite and excuse themselves to answer the phone or text message, which can be acceptable on occasion. If done to an excessive degree then it sends the clear message of, “Sorry, I have better people to attend to.”

Some blatantly check their phone mid conversation, only looking up from time to time to make what they must feel is the minimum level of eye contact needed in order to be declared a participant in the person-to-person interaction. Maybe they mumble out a distant, “Mmm hmmm,” or “Huh,” before going back to checking Facebook. Clearly this is a wonderful tactic for sending the message that you are not important to them. Juggling human beings and digital entities (texting, social networking, emails, RSS feeds, etc.) has become this disastrous example of multitasking gone awry.

I could go on for ages buuuut… I’m going to go read some blogs. While I text. Maybe update my Twitter. I’ll update about my blog. You know, get meta. ///

Actually, go here for a brief but thought provoking foray into the subject of a “lifestyle intervention”. I think we could all benefit from one.


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