While I’m waiting for my room to cool down…

… I thought I’d repost an item found in my Google Reader.

Why Can’t There Be More Ads Like This Today?

“This vintage Lego ad features a young girl wearing plain play clothes and smiling proudly at her Lego creation. No princesses, no pink Legos, no glittery sparkles, just a girl and her toys, having a blast. Beautiful, indeed.” (source)

This brought back a whole mess of nostalgia for toys and advertisements from the 80s and caused me to reconsider what it was to be a little girl back then. I liked some of my Barbie toys, but seriously, the all pink motif had to go. I wanted a remote controlled jet boat for years and loved playing with army figurines out in the sand. I had My Little Ponies, but I also had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wooden blocks, Lincoln logs, Lite Brites, spirographs… It was getting grubby, making messes, playing outdoors in jeans with holes in the knees (or patches covering those holes), creating all sorts of contraptions from toys that didn’t have it spelled out for you with glossy stylized images on the boxes. You tried to make a hat for your dog our get your figurine to ride your cat.

It’s not that all of that is gone today, but it’s freakishly absent from all marketing,especially when girls are involved. The hyper-genderization is misleading. I hope that doesn’t screw up tons of girls down the road giving them complexes about not being girly enough or freaking out at the concept of getting dirty. Because if I have girls, they damn well will be making mud pies with Legos and blocks for their army figurines and Barbies out in the dirt.

After writing this I went back to the blog and read through the comments, and it basically reiterates what I’ve said here. Go there for more interesting ranting and bemoaning the world today, old folks.


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