Blog sharing + an idea

I don’t know what the internet ate for breakfast, but lately it’s been churning out all sorts of magic. I told you last time about Why the Fuck Do You Have a Kid?, and now I share one of my new favorites. Awkward Family Photos.

I don’t think I really need to explain it. People have been finding and/or sending in their awkward family pics and it’s bloody brilliant. I’ve been restraining myself from LOLing at my desk at work. I mean… during lunch… on break… er, uh, at home… No, but go. Now. The simple descriptions and, in a rare instance on the internet, the comments are even good. They don’t make you hate humanity like the comments left on YouTube videos.

Theres a reason Eeyore is always so depressed.

There's a reason Eeyore is always so depressed.

I think that picture says enough.

In MVS news: I might bring back the more regular photo updates, but using a mix of new and old pics. I have a ton of goodies from over the years and it might be entertaining to drop them all up on Madam von Sassypants.


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