Blog Sharing = Blog Caring

The web address says it all.

Shocking. Hilarious. Ruthless. Amazing. Horrifying. Disgusting. AWESOME.

It’s just a simple photo blog with brief captions questioning the parenting skills (or dignity, or intelligence) of parents and would-be parents.

My current favorites:

  1. The baby girl sucking on her hand while a raw chicken sits atop her Playskool slide. (Caption: “becuz chicken is a finger lickin good playmate”)
  2. The babies covered in money and a RAZR cell phone. (Caption: “becuz u knew they’d come out hustlin just like u”)
  3. The baby (and mother-in-law??) attending a strippified bachelor party.
  4. The preggo girls who, based upon their photographer, are from my town.

Seriously though. Check those and the entire blog out. It gets worse every single day. Today’s baby-underneath-a-boa-constrictor is pretty great too. In an awful, awful way.


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One Response to “Blog Sharing = Blog Caring”

  1. maryanne Says:

    LOL..oh man there are some shockers on that blog but funny all at the same time..Seeing barbie pregnant was both disturbing & funny, but the snake! Thats just. . .ohh no words can describe why lol..

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