Photo of the Day: Day Twenty-Six

In a slightly last minute decision, Sean and I drove up through Astoria to Washington’s Long Beach peninsula and stayed at a cabin owned by his coworker. The weekend entailed many common elements to a northwestern weekend on the coast– walking around quaint little towns, eating ice cream, walking on the beach, clam chowdah, saying disparaging things about seagulls– the usual.

Then there were the more interesting aspects. We were in old, old cabins (built in 1907 and 1899 respectively), I was the only girl in a group of 7-8 guys who were there for more or less a “dude’s weekend” that involved a lot of drinking and meat cooking, and to my shock and awe, people drive on the beach in Washington. Cutesy coupley crap like walking hand in hand down a peaceful shore isn’t quite the same when you have a family driving by on honking mopeds and giant dualie pickup trucks hauling ass down through the sand. Hmm.

Nonetheless it was a grand time. I snapped a ridiculous amount of photos, and neither of the ones I will share have anything that is obviously related to the beach. Because I’m crafty and shit.

This ancient can of Aqua Net was found in the shed. Not for outdoor hair styling, but rather fueling a potato gun. Of course.

The rust proves its "ALL-WEATHER" capabilities.

The rust proves its "ALL-WEATHER" capabilities.


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