Photo of the Day: Day Fourteen

If this was an episode of MTV’s Cribs, you would say that “this is where the magic happens.” My desk in my wee green office upstairs. You’ll find the numerical legend below the picture, and if click here you can see it in more detail.


1. Google News has been my treasured homepage for years. It samples the news from thousands of worldwide sources, offering you a hearty variety of biases, incorrect reporting and outright lies. Oh, and a smidgen of truth and objective journalism sprinkled in there every now and again.

2. Bulletin board, photos. I’ve considered putting more useful things like bills and reminders on my bulletin board, but I like to look at pretty things. Pretty usually beats out rational every time. Featured here: a postcard I bought in Florence, Italy; a photo of me and my cousin Gabriella when she was a baby; a spooning photo of me and my two best man friends, Pat and Justin; my old college roommate (and SK little sister) Gina’s save the date announcement for her nuptials this summer.

3. A mask I bought while studying abroad in Italy for Carnevale.

4. Photos of my three cats when they were in their respective kitten stages.

5. Appropos, a Crazy Cat Lady figurine still in its original packaging, still with all her crazy plastic cats. Even crazier? I own two of these things, both given to me by different people.

6. Bills. Glaring at me all the time.

7. Plastic goblet full of Sharpies. I like my mix CDs to be colorful.

8. Felt pennant from Vancouver, BC. A shout-out to my kinda-sorta-OK-it’s-nearby hometown. I got this for free from a cluttered, stinky antique store here in Oregon.


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