Photo of the Day: Day Ten

Maybe I should establish some sort of format here. Like every tenth day I take a self portrait. Or I devote a week to a theme (I’m thinking one week around Easter devoted to eggs, as I am brimming with amazing farm fresh ones almost constantly). I guess I’ll continue the no-format theme for a while, get into the hang of taking at least one of my cameras with me every day (and an adapter if I’m overnight anywhere else), and see how things play out before getting too ambitious.

Nonetheless, here’s me. I snapped a ton of random photos out my car window on the way home this evening as the light settled upon the Gorge’s basalt bluffs ever so nicely, but this came out as the best in terms of framing and focus. I had pulled over to snap a picture of the sun on the Columbia River and took advantage of soaking up the precious few rays of vitamin D goodness while I can.

I wore big shades before it was cool again.

I wore big shades before it was cool again.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day: Day Ten”

  1. Nelson González Leal Says:

    Good portrait, with a quality color and impressive clarity. I wonder how that would be in black and white?

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