Photo of the Day: Day Five

My boyfriend lives 89 miles away from me in the Portland suburb of Beaverton. Every weekend we rotate who drives to which town, and this weekend I’m at his apartment. We recently discovered this amazing little Thai food joint in a nondescript strip mall near here and it’s become close to a ritual every time I’m in town. In my opinion Thai Flavor’s massaman curry is some of the finest. Tonight, after running a barrage of errands in the rain (that canceled our previously-made plans to walk about Portland), we stopped over at Thai Flavor and strayed from our favorites, giving their pad thai a try.

I will go on record and say it’s no where near as delicious as the pad thai from Lampoei’s Thai cart in Hood River, but it was scrumptious enough to polish off while watching Swingers before jaunting off to the evening’s parties.

You're welcome.


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One Response to “Photo of the Day: Day Five”

  1. ilovesome Says:

    What? It was RAINING in Portland? I don’t believe it!

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