Photo of the Day: Day Three

It was a sunny day in the Columbia River Gorge. At around 12:10pm I tipped back in my chair with a bowl full of plain yogurt, granola, grapes and cranberries and enjoyed the break from mindless number crunching.

Shiny red shoes!

Shiny red shoes!


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4 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Day Three”

  1. iheartfilm Says:

    Very cute.


  2. ilovesome Says:

    Cute! There is a fancy trim on your jeans too I see!

  3. themostuninterestingguy Says:

    plain yogurt, granola and cranberries? Hippie.

  4. Photo(s!) of the Day: Day Seven « Madam von Sassypants Says:

    […] front passenger seat of my car, taken minutes prior. Shiny red purse (to match a different pair of shiny red shoes), swank little resume/portfolio folder, two cases for a plethora of burned CDs, and the book Life […]

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