Blogging: a schematic

My personal  social networking/communicating/time-wasting, ranked from top to bottom based upon frequency of updates.

twitterOnly my recent bout with unemployment finally led me to using Twitter. I originally thought it was incredibly stupid… “Why would I update my status all the time when I do it more or less daily on Facebook? Plus most of the people that update their statuses constantly [on Facebook] really are kind of pathetic.”

Well after being stuck at home all the time with no one to share my witty anecdotes and inner monologues, I felt compelled to start tweeting. It’s been twelve days and I finally understand… the frequency of tweets is, in stark contrast to FB or Myspace, a good thing. Plus I started subscribing to all these random feeds, from  The Office’s Rainn Wilson and NPR to the entertaining Foodimentary. And I’m looking to grow that list. Now that I have a (temporary) job that keeps me away from the computer, we’ll see how this continues.

facebookThis really should be ranked first based on the sheer amount of time I spend on here, but I’ll focus more on the updating factor. I’ve determined the socially acceptable rate of status updates to be between 1 every 1-3 days and 2 a day. There’s enough action to maintain general interest, but it’s not the constant mindless crap that some people feel compelled to vomit into cyberspace multiple times a day.

Facebook has done an incredible job in the past two years in vaulting itself ahead of Myspace in terms of relevancy, usability, and overall aesthetics. Sure there’s the expected barrage of useless crap, but it’s become a sleek little addictive piece of interwebs and is no where near as offensive to the senses as Myspace.

wordpressThis blog. I’m trying to maintain a decent number of updates (right now averaging around once every three or four days). I might consider streamlining the content at a later point down the road, but right now it suits its purpose as fulfilling my need to write something a little lengthier. Or just share the retarded YouTube videos I might come across.

myspaceOh Myspace, I used to love thee. Now you’re kind of a pain in the ass… something I begrudgingly check once every day or two, maybe even update the status once in a while. But you’ve become this stagnant cesspool of abandoned profiles and hormone-addled teens. The design is hideous, the usability is atrocious (uploading photos there isn’t even worth the time compared to FB) and you just beg for creepers and spammers. Every time I have to enter a CAPTCHA or bear witness to gigantic, gross animated spam ads, I am further reminded of your inferiority. You led the way for certain (Friendster who?), but damn, you’ve fallen behind.


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One Response to “Blogging: a schematic”

  1. Baron Gustav Saßafraß der Haifisch Says:

    “… a stagnant cesspool of abandoned profiles…”
    Poetry. I blame Tom, with his silly white t-shirt and willingness to sell out to all that is evil, personified by Mr. Rupert Murdoch.
    “Alright, mates. I know people everywhere love this ‘Myplace’ thing, that it allows old friends to keep in touch and and express themselves creatively. But lets milk it for all its worth, make a quick buck with tasteless advertisements. Future of the product be damned.”
    “Excellent idea, Mr. Murdoch! Sir, that’s even more brilliant than your shameless fear-mongering leading up to the Iraq war.”
    That is why I believe in both the death penalty and some form of socialist economy.
    Oh, and sorry about your car 😦

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