All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Or in my case, no work and some play make Steph a listless, apathetic, bored-out-of-her-gourd girl.

Heeerrrrrres apathy!

Heeerrrrrre's apathy!

I am so sick of my computer. I’m sick of pimping out my resumé. I’m sick of being in my house at all hours of the day and not accomplishing anything besides keeping up almost religiously on all my blogs. I’m sick of my lack of ambition at home… I could be taking advantage of all this time by reorganizing my crazy little house, but instead I’ll just play around with portfolio concepts and refresh Google News a few zillion times.

I’m also slightly annoyed that I haven’t heard back from last week’s interview. I was promised (yes, guaranteed) that I would hear back from them by Friday. I haven’t heard a damn thing, even after following up with a voice mail yesterday morning. Boo-urns.

I have another interview of sorts tomorrow that has interesting, albeit seemingly temporary, prospects. I’ve dropped off or emailed my resumé to every possible place and have scoured the interwebs for any local job I even only slightly qualify for. I still have plenty of hope, but with each day it seems slightly more disheartening.

This is also the longest I’ve gone in my post-collegiate life without working. Shouldn’t that be more fun?


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2 Responses to “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

  1. djcnor Says:

    Care to form a syndicate of blogger that are job-searching? Get this! I’m 58. I have a graduate degree and another fairly recently acquired degree and the result is that I am apparently unemployable due to being overqualified. It’s enough to make a person regret learning more. My husband is on my case, always saying I should work as hard on finding a job as I would on a job, but after so much wasted time spent applying for the lowly jobs as well as the ones that are actually closer to my qualifications, I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should spend whatever time the appropriate job applications take and then enjoy the rest of the day, perhaps trying to start my own business on nothing. What do you think?

  2. Otto Mann Says:

    “madam von sassy pants”

    This just made my day, sorry.

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