It’s spreading…

As of this morning I’ve had approximately 6 people on my Facebook friends’ list say they’ve been laid off in the past month. And those are just the ones who’ve publicly announced as such. Scary! And while this is currently no where near the Great Depression, it certainly is huge in the eyes of our generation. It seems like many people I know around my age are seriously considering going back to school to not only get a leg up in the job market, but as a welcome reprieve from all this unpredictable madness in the economy. Personally you’d have to force a gun to my head and make me sing “The Song That Never Ends” on repeat before I’d consider going into further debt by going to grad school, but to each their own.

any oversized tshirt like THIS.

New uniform: any oversized tshirt like THIS.

However my three cats LOVE that I don’t have a job. I sleep in, I’m hanging around the house all the time, able to cater to their every need. I think they ask to come inside or go outside more than usual just because they have almost instant service. They get roughly 60% more pets than they did previously. I think I’ll become a bonafide crazy cat lady… hang around in a stained bathrobe, drink wine by myself, start speaking in LOLcat and eat grubby handfuls of Meow Mix… when they haul me away to the loony bin I can blame it all on the economy. “I HAZ FLAVOR!!”


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