Oh, grandpa!

Let’s take a break from all the unemployment talk, shall we? Because lord knows I’m sick of talking about it.
(Side note: had an interview this morning for a temporary admin assistant gig. It’s not my intended career as a designer, but hey, it would pay the bills. And a designer is a detail-oriented, focused, computer-savvy office job! It’s not too far a stretch… right?)

So it was my grandfather’s 72nd birthday the other day. I had already talked to my mom and my grandmother by the time I got him on the phone, so I knew all the details of his special day already, but to humor him I sweetly asked,

“So grandpa, what did you do for your birthday today?”

Without even a pause, he replied with,

“Ohh, I fucked your grandmother.”

It’s rare that I’m shocked. And with my maternal family’s tendency toward the crude, this isn’t frighteningly novel. But I mean… WOW.

After my shocked reaction he kind of giggled and then sighed and said, “Ahhh, I wish.”



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One Response to “Oh, grandpa!”

  1. Baron Gustav Saßafraß der Haifisch Says:

    That is adorable. I wish I’m like that someday!

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