Armed and dangerous?

I have now been officially unemployed for over a week now. It’s given me time to gain my composure,  refresh (with huge thanks to family, friends and boyfriend) and refocus on getting a job. I accepted the opportunity to continue working for my previous employer on a limited contractual basis, which I think will be okay. Obviously though that won’t be enough to pay my bills so I am still pursuing any and all interests.

Everyone has been incredibly helpful and supportive, although it’s interesting how many times I’ve heard the same phrases. “Things happen for a reason,” “You’ll find something bigger and better,” “I just know you’re going to do great no matter what,” are the top three.

Another thing that has been recurring are all the odd jobs being thrown my way.  Of course they have nothing to do with my intended career, none of them are actual steady sources of employment, but they’re still money making opportunities. Weeding out what is logical to take on versus what will just be spinning my wheels has been a little tricky.

The other half of this battle involved a car.

The other half of this battle involved a car.

Good news: I finished designing (not just writing, designing) my resume. Tomorrow I hit the pavement at least in terms of a local temp agency. Hopefully they know of a few more opportunities locally than what I’ve been able to find online (which equals nada). I also received a good chunk of advice from my CPA about how to proceed over the next while, so I feel armed with good information. And knowing is half the battle.

(I hope.)


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