Unemployment, filing for

After dealing with Oregon’s Employment Department’s website spazzing yesterday (I was told many times that my name, SSN, birthdate and gender combination wasn’t accurate, which caused me to consider thatperhaps I was born a dude?), I finally was able to officially file for unemployment this morning. Now we just wait to see what kind of break I qualify for.

One worry: the benefit estimate calculator tells me that over a 3 month period, I might have earned a measly $40 LESS than what’s required to receive a decent chunk of change. If that’s the case,  I’ll be earning less than half of what I received from my job, which is most certainly not enough for me to live on. I wish they could take mortgages or something into account when determining these things.

neither have jobs!

Dogs and me: neither have jobs!

Good news: I get to sleep in! A lot! Appropriately enough, I received an awesome down-filled mattress pad for Christmas, meaning my bed is the most heavenly thing ever.  Perfect solace for the unemployed!

I’m also pretty excited at having all this time to work out. Now I can take all the classes at the gym that were always scheduled during work hours.  I think I’m going to start walking everywhere when I have to run errands. Because now I have the time for it! Uuuughhhh… this is going to get old fast, I can tell.

Next: cleaning out my computer and tackling my portfolio.


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