Top 5… Driving Pet Peeves

  1. When people just hang out in the left lane when I’m clearly all up on their asses wanting to pass. And no one is in the right hand lane. Then they look dumbfounded when you toss a glare their way when you have to pass them on the right.
  2. When people don’t use their turn signals. You lazy, thoughtless sons of bitches.
  3. Inversely to #1, when impatient drivers don’t give you the chance to move into the right lane to let them pass. Or blatantly tailgate you in the left lane as you pass other cars in the right lane. Unless there’s a woman giving birth or someone with a traumatic head wound in your car, calm the FUCK down!

    Legally blind and incompetent.

    Legally blind and incompetent.

  4. Trucks with giant wheels and the impotent douchebags who drive them. Especially when they think their rig is impressing you.
  5. Old people who should have had their license revoked decades ago and insist on driving at least 15 miles below the limit. I will beat you with your cane, grandma!

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2 Responses to “Top 5… Driving Pet Peeves”

  1. SD Says:



  2. wilsonhines Says:

    Don’t forget that nasty, nasty fucker that speeds up as soon as your throw that blinker on so he can cut you off from getting in the left lane. The hardest part of this conundrum is the fact that the SOB actually is irate that YOU cut HIM off. Well, wasn’t HE trying to cut ME off? Think about it.

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