Not to post two videos back to back, because I don’t want to continuously partake in that half-assed style of blogging, but I couldn’t get very far in this video because it is MESSED. UP. For something being so natural, after a while it becomes really, really goddamned creepy. Mothers of the world, please don’t do this shit. Thanks. The emotional stability of our future society depends upon it.


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3 Responses to “Oh HELL NO!”

  1. miss christa carr Says:

    SO GROSS!!!!

  2. Mark Says:

    Very interesting. I only drink the finest breast milk, just like P. Diddy. I don’t draw pictures of my exploits though. HAHA!!! They have names for the breasts!

  3. interestingguy Says:

    I am so… so turned on right now.

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