Can’t… focus…

I’m swamped at work. Like, deluged with a towering pile of tasks and projects. All due within the next couple days. Never mind all the important meetings scattered in between getting things done. We’re entering our busiest time of year at full steam and company-wide panic is starting to set in. The hours are going by way too fast all of a sudden.

Yet here I am, toggling between, and Google News like a madwoman, constantly refreshing images of the electoral map, trying to maintain professionalism and contain my growing excitement. Like a 13 year old boy hiding a chubby while giving a presentation in front of the class. Difficult to do, and you’re going to get a lot of weird looks.

Furthering my lack of productivity is the fact that I’m writing this blog. Right now. Every letter is one more screaming declaration of my lack of accomplishment. Yet I keep on, typin’ on. Doodley dee… tra la la la lalala!

I will go on record and say that the internet is a wonderful thing though. The fact that I can see all these results in real time without waiting for some stammering pundit to dish out the results in between human interest stories is highly ideal.

Oops, look at that, time to go to election parties with friends. Damn.


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