This Week on: Am I Smoking Crack?

Can someone please, please explain to me why people think Sarah Palin is qualified to run, or at least co-pilot, the country? Because all of this “she’s just like one of us! She’s a hockey mom!” bullshit has me fighting back to urge to spray a horde of rednecks with a fire hose blasting icy cold water at full force on the coldest day of winter.

Tell me, since when was your neighbor qualified to run the country? Or another parent on the PTA? Your small town’s mayor? Really? Fuck, I think I’m semi-intelligent sometimes but I am in no regards qualified to RUN THE GODDAMN NATION. Uh oh, I just damned America. Guess Jeremiah Wright and I will be burning in the same unpatriotic circle of hell together.

(singsong) "Lady in Red!..."

While my Democratic self is giggling at how the McCain camp has literally shot themselves in both feet by choosing Palin over dozens of much more qualified candidates as the VP hopeful, it almost makes me question the red portion of the nation more than I did on November 2, 2004.

To me, we need someone exceptional to be first and second in command.  Not an everyday Joe the Plumber*. This isn’t a communist nation, people. The woman still can’t even answer simple questions properly and as a result is still sheltered from the media. And she’s a representative of our country??

Or am I smoking crack here?

* Last I checked, Joe the Plumber didn’t get $150,000 to blow on “borrowed” clothes that will “eventually” go to charity. Maybe again this is just me, but a wardrobe worth thousands of dollars from Neiman Marcus doesn’t exactly scream “We the People.”


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6 Responses to “This Week on: Am I Smoking Crack?”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Yes, you’re obviously smoking crack if you think that Palin is stupid. A woman doesn’t – without any real money at her disposal – SUCCESSFULLY unseat a sitting Governor of her own party if she’s stupid.

    I’m no longer sure WHAT Palin is, but I know it isn’t stupid.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Having an excellent campaign game plan and being smart are two very different things. Remember when Bush beat Gore? I do.

  3. madamvonsassypants Says:

    Ah, yes.
    Banning books from public libraries is an incredibly intelligent thing to do.
    Being completely and rather obviously dumbfounded when asked the simple question, “Where do you get your news?” is uproariously smart.
    Basing your entire PUBLIC platform upon your PERSONAL, RELIGIOUS ethics and enforcing them upon others is highly intelligent.
    Taking out your personal vendettas on other people’s livelihoods by firing them from their jobs is very well thought out.
    Supporting the construction of a $442 million “bridge to nowhere” and then backing out once realizing it was an unpopular decision is completely rational.

    But hey, maybe all that is right for Alaska. It does have a strong foreign influence being sandwiched by Russia and Canada, you know. Right for the other 49 states though? Hardly.

  4. jonolan Says:

    Ah, yes.

    Palin never banned a book. She did approach a librarian and ask her what her response would be to Palin trying to ban one.

    Basing a campaign on ethics? Hmmm…yeah that won’t sit well with America – at least not the Left half.

    Firing a relative who tasered a child amongst other offenses is stupid, sure.

    You see, there’s more to the issue than the Left’s soundbites and spin.

  5. miss christa carr Says:

    hi stephanie…

    we here in canada get all the juicy goods on y’alls election down there…
    just wanted to say that the majority of people up here that i talk to about american politics (cause it’s just so much more rousing than canadian, sadly.) would like you to know that you are not smoking crack. palin IS whack!

    just cause she does a spot on SNL doesn’t make her cool or nearly qualified enough to run the country (which she *probably* will, due to the fact that the odds of mccain dying in his first term are remarkable!)

    anyway, we feel your pain and mind numbing brain explosions up here in the great white north… not that we really get a real opinion on the matter any way.

  6. madamvonsassypants Says:

    Banning books:
    Palin asked the librarian how she could go about banning books. The librarian was against the concept. News reports from that time then show that she threatened to fire the librarian for not “fully supporting” her as mayor.

    Firing a relative:
    Palin claims she fired the Public Safety Commissioner because of “legitimate budget dispute”. He claims it’s because he refused to fire he sister’s ex husband, a state trooper. Her firing of the commissioner was legally within her means, but it was found that she violated state ethics laws by trying to get a former family member kicked off the force. His personal behavior notwithstanding.

    In terms of enforcing ethics, she turned her small town mayoral race– that normally focused on issues like public safety and roads– to a divisive race based upon abortion and gun control. When she went on to be governor, she shifted the focus off of the social issues because it became inconvenient.

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