Strange Brew: Take off, eh?

So, I lived in Canada for 9 years of my life. Basically the entirety of my adolescence. Impressionable years. I’ll spare the internet at large with my autobiography but suffice to say there were inherent Canadian things I learned and lived while in the Great White North. American bacon is inferior, American beer is inferior (the microbrew-loving Oregonian that I am today disagrees with that entirely), Canadian stereotypes aren’t true, but really they kinda are, no one publicly likes the Quebecois or Newfies, and that Strange Brew is the essence of Canadiana.

Guilty of making a horrible, horrible film

Guilty of making a horrible, horrible film

Up until this evening I’d never seen it but had grown up with all of the catchphrases and references, so I felt I knew the movie already. I expected a classic, goofy, slightly over-the-top romp through the colder nation with Rick Moranis and that other guy. Maybe in a similar vein to Animal House or Airplane!



Oh, was I ever wrong. What a steaming heap of horseshit. I laughed at a couple jokes, but most of my laughter was due to the relentless barrage of WTF?! moments. My friend Jake can attest to this for me because he was there and we both had the same look of horrified stupor through most of the film.

Worst movie I’ve ever seen? Oh, probably not. The Benchwarmers was definitely worse than this one. But man, how did this movie live on as this amazing piece of Canadian pop culture? Unless there was a typo and like a game of telephone it really began as poop culture. It’s like an early Dumb and Dumber, but without any shred of the awesomeness. And it doesn’t have the camp appeal of a bad-but-classic movie like Rocky Horror Picture Show. Nope, Strange Brew just straight up blows. The End.


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