Notes on Business Travel

Cool: Going on your first long distance business trip by yourself, left to your own devices and moxy to make important business decisions.

Less cool: Having your mom drive you to the airport.

Cool: Looking behind you for the safety exits is for suckers.

Less cool: Geeking out over having the window seat every time, and gawking with child-like wonder over the continuously changing topography thousands of feet below.

Cool: Saying no to the free wine because it doesn’t meet your burgeoning wine snob standards.

Less cool: Playing thumb war, ‘I Spy’ and a multitude of other games with the 7-year old sitting next to you.

Cool: Pretending to be moderately pleased with the hotel room.

Less cool: Once the door shuts, getting really excited about the bathrobes, two-person shower, sleep number bed, giant business-y desk, Bose alarm clock, and watching Pretty Woman for the first time in years on the big TV.


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2 Responses to “Notes on Business Travel”

  1. miss christa carr Says:

    you slept on a sleep number bed?! is it all lindsey wagner says it is?

    *obvious question alert*

    what number were you?

    congrats on being a real businessy adult and going on business road trips! one can dream…

  2. madamvonsassypants Says:

    Well it was a king sized bed, so I had one side squishy (35?) and one side firm (55), and I’m probably somewhere in between. It was kinda weird, really. Esecially because it creates this divot in the middle and I kept rolling into that.

    But thanks, Miss Carr!

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